Treatment & Prescription

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Treatment and Prescription

  • Adult ADHD treatment consists of medication and non medical treatments. 
  • Medication is the cornerstone of treatment.
  • NICE guideline (March 2018) recommend medication as first line treatment. 

A comprehensive, holistic shared treatment plan that addresses psychological, behavioural and occupational and/or educational needs will be devised together with the patient.

Non -medical treatments including psychological therapies, ADHD coaching and other forms of support will be discussed and sought within the available resources. 

People with ADHD taking such treatments often report better concentration, completing tasks, feeling calmer, more focused and reduced problems with inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, thus reducing their impact on the impaired areas of functioning, such as employment and relationships. Other benefits include greater mood stability, improvement in sleep and self confidence.

Before starting any medication a review of significant physical, personal and family history will be undertaken, and simple investigations including blood pressure and heart rate performed. If it is agreed to start medication, then a plan will be formulated and communicated with the patient’s GP.


If you have a diagnosis of ADHD and if you need medication, Dr Tint and ADHDHealthcare will intiate the prescription as per NICE Guidelines in the UK.  

Once your treatment is stable, ADHDHealthcare will request the GP to take over the prescription within the NHS. Dr Tint is happy to offer any support and reassurance that GPs may need to enable them to prescribe.

Dr Tint and his team are able to issue private prescriptions. For a private prescription, the patient pays for the cost of the drug at the pharmacy.

Cost of Prescriptions

DrugDaily doseMonthly cost*
Methylphenidate5mg to 100mg£3.03 – £54.60
Concerta XL18mg to 108mg£31.19 to £147.24
Lisdexamfetamine30mg to 70mg£58.24 to £83.16
Atomoxetine40mg to 100mg£53.09 to £70.79

*Costs from British National Formulary 78 (September 2019 to March 2020)

Dr Tint and his team have to charge for issuing private prescriptions for the time and various admin costs incurred. Prescriptions can only be issued if you are attending regular reviews.

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