ADHD Consensus Statement on behalf of patients calling for urgent action to increase provision for ADHD services and prevent a public health crisis

The following is the abridged form of the statement. The full statement and the list of contributors can be viewed here.

Today, ADHD patient groups from around the country, leading ADHD service providers, clinical and academic healthcare providers and educational specialists, are calling on the UK Governments for urgent action to create and introduce a legislative ‘ADHD Act’ similar to that provided for children and adults with autism.

Individuals with ADHD are being stigmatised and discriminated against by the commissioning of ADHD services that are either inadequate or unavailable in many regions.

ADHD is a serious condition with major costs to both individuals and society which have been unequivocally proven by research reports over the last two years. Due to significant under recognition and misperceptions of ADHD, both children and adults are often undiagnosed or given the wrong diagnosis and treatments.

Despite advances in scientific research informing our knowledge and understanding about ADHD and accessibility of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines and the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN), there remains a continued lack of awareness by many health care practitioners of ADHD and the potential benefits early identification can have, both to the individual and society.

We make this statement on behalf of patients around the country who face the consequences of these discriminatory practices on a daily basis and call on all four UK Governments and regulatory bodies, including the Care Quality Commission, to act urgently on this important public health issue.

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