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Dr Tint

Dr Aung Tint

Consultant Psychiatrist in Adult ADHD


Who we are

ADHDhealthcare is a national and Northwest regional independent health care provider, specialising in the assessment and treatment of adults with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

ADHDhealthcare is led by Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Aung Tint who has extensive training and experience in providing adult ADHD health care in the NHS as well as private sector over the last 13 years.

What we do

We offer assessment, treatment and follow up reviews for individuals with ADHD aged 18 and above. We offer our services to self referring individuals, health insurance companies, other public and private organizations and employers.

A Personal Approach

We provide a calm and welcoming environment, where our patients can feel comfortable and at ease.

Patients are encouraged to bring a friend or family member who can provide valuable information on childhood and background history.

Comprehensive assessment is carried out through referral information, face to face meeting (subject to Covid 19 restrictions), adult ADHD assessment questionnaire pack, collateral information form family and carers, childhood and developmental history/ reports and any other information available.


On follow-up appointment, Dr Tint will discuss reviews of treatment including symptom change, adjustment to dose of medication, psychological and other non-medical treatments

Where to Find Us

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Making ADHD assessment and Treatment available for all those who need it.